Custom Agency Sudeco S.A. Level 1 was created in 1989, with the purpose of providing an agile, honest and effective service to companies engaged in international trade. From its creation to the present, Sudeco has operated in accordance with the regulations imposed by the local customs administration.


Currently dedicated to provide consulting on imports and exports and providing the customs brokerage/intermediation service, with three decades of experience, Sudeco continues to fulfill, successfully, the expectations of its customers, through an integrated logistics support, strategically supported, with qualified personnel, communication equipment and diverse means of transport for the successful fulfillment of our operations.

Thanks to the qualification of Customs Agents Level 1 we can provide our services of:

  • Handling of import, export and other customs procedures without restriction of customs jurisdiction.
  • Greater control over operations with the implementation of an ethics committee in charge of ensuring the transparency of processes.

We are a Level 1 Customs Intermediation Agency, which provides consulting to its clients and accurate solutions in the area of ​​foreign trade and related, under the criteria of competitiveness and legality.


Custom Agency Sudeco Level 1, in 2022, is projected as an organization qualified as an Authorized Economic Operator (OEA in Spanish) that facilitates the execution of certified Foreign Trade processes at the National and International level that allows us to continue with the leadership in the provision of Customs Intermediation Services through an integral service that meets the expectations of the client, involving a highly qualified and ideal human talent, supported by the technological advances of the environment and constant updating in the customs, tax and exchange regimes.

Physical Infrastructure

Currently Sudeco holds seven physical offices throughout the country in Bogotá Medellín, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Buenaventura, Santa Marta and Ipiales. They all have entrance restrictions, security cameras, and in order to comply with OEA requirements, are in process of all having their own alarm system.

Corporate values
  • Commitment: compliance with timely and effective attention.
  • Trustworthiness: Security and support throughout the company’s operations.
  • Responsibility: Constant commitment to the needs of the client.
  • Honesty: Fidelity, transparency and loyalty with our internal and external clients.
  • Knowledge: Extensive experience.
Integral Management Policy

Sudeco S.A is a Level 1 Customs Agency, dedicated to customs intermediation, focused on meets the needs and expectations of its clients and groups of interests, by offering an opportune, integral and competitive in prices service, supported by a qualified human resource, an optimal infrastructure and reliable suppliers.

For which bases efforts in:

  1. The compliance of requirements of clients through the effective management of foreign trade procedures and operations of the service.
  2. Implementation and continuous improvement of the integral management system through the assignment of the necessary resources and the fulfillment of objectives.
  3. Improvement of the skills of the staff, through activities of training and improvement of the performance, in order to contribute to their personal and professional development impact on their quality of life.
  4. The prevention of injury, occupational diseases to personnel and damage to property through the identification of hazards, assessment, evaluation and control of risks.
  5. The prevention of pollution and the protection of the environment through the efficient use of resources.

All of the above framed in the effective management of organizational risks, in a responsible act, based on the experience of the corporate values ​​and in the fulfillment of the pertinent legal and other requirements subscribed with the groups of interest.

Targets of Integral Management

Improve the grade of satisfaction of needs and expectations of clients by an effective management of procedures of international commerce and service operations.

Fulfill the legal and other requirements applicable to the company, through permanent updating and periodic compliance evaluation.

Continuously improve the management system, through the allocation of resources and the fulfillment of the objectives.

Prevent occupational injuries and diseases through the identification of hazards, evaluation, assessment and control of risks.

Prevent and protect the contamination of the environment, through the efficient use of resources.

Improve the skills of the staff through training activities and management of their performance.

Corporate Social Responsibility

SUDECO is committed to the welfare of the community. As per such, SUDECO is an active and enthusiastic participant in the collaboration with programs for children with cancer, beneficiaries of the "Foundation to Live Help".